C’mon it’s just letters…. NO, it’s typorgraphy!

This year around spring was the first time in many years I had to flex my creative muscles to come up with something visual, something appealing… better said: a flyer.

I was heading a students and alumni club for my institute and it has been time for another semester opening party, so my “boss” asked me to design a flyer for this event.

Having no clue what to do or how to start I just googled “flyer”/”flyer design” and pretty soon it became obvious to me what made the difference between an average design and a great design:


If you are a bloody beginner as I was back then, a few minutes looking for the right type could make a difference and improve your work by – let’s say – a lot.

Skimming through some forums I came across a website which turned out to be the perfect place to spend hours looking for appealing shapes and simple aesthetics that can be used for free [most of the time]:


Exactly this was where I found the right font for the header of this blog (just scroll up and have a look). It’s called Kingthings Pique’n’meex. kudos its designer!

The following pic will show you 5 of my favorite fonts (by order: antipasto, asenine, bellrose, brushed, villa morena)

with this I want to leave you for now…explore the site and get inspired…

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What bridges business2design?

Why the name B2D? and where exactly is the linkage between those two disciplines?

Well last weekend, a colleague of mine and me, both of us gave a business modelling workshop at the Europrix Conference 2010 in Graz.

Our company STARTeurope was invited to introduce the entrepreneurial attitude to a bunch of international design students. Using two simple definitions we explained them the proximity of biz & design:

Design = Finding elegant solutions to existing problems!

Business is all about creating value for the customer… Value for the customer equals the amount of his problems being sold by you (your service/product)… this means that:

At the heart of every business is the Art of Prolem Solving!

here defined…;) [click the pic to get a view of the full prezo given at the conference]

simple equation of b2d bridging

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Why b2d?

Hey there,

To be honest this blog is rather a documentation of personal progress in the field of design than a how-to guide for ambitious change managers wanting to turn their client’s businesses up-side-down!


While writing the first lines I can say about myself that I am a biz student with an international background – both…in family and in education – who is constantly curious about new stuff.

Why this blog?
A number of things have led myself to the path of design but probably the most important one can be summed up as follows:

– Wondering about personal future/goals/education
– Looking for fields which are intruiging to me
– Thinking about alternatives (biz/tech/art)
– Desire to push myself towards more creativity
– Learn something completely new
– Track effords

… And finally just have a look what it takes to insert the design attitude gene (DAG…kind of an own creation) into an average biz guy!


…more to come…

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